have you ever stopped to think WHY people hate the movement so much? heyyy maybe its because youre being an asshole

white cis straight men literally have the most power in the whole world. this is not okay, but to change it, youll have to convince them. no important dude is gonna listen to a bunch of raging teenagers who spout out bullshit like “kill all white people” or “kill all men”. 

its like youre trying to become the teachers pet by not doing your homework ITS NOT GONNA WORK

so yes please stop being raging 2-year-olds and start being intelligent angry adults 

Even if you are joking around or just doing it to be ironic, the pretentious attitude it really annoying. You can be a feminist, but that doesn’t mean you have to be an asshole.

This is preciesley the problem with the world. Second wave had people like Andrea Dworkin who created a false identity of femminists, and this generation has tumblr. While at a lecture about femminism a friend of mine directly told the speaker that the reason he didn’t Identify with femminism is due to the negative connotations that come with the term!
Long story short, everyone needs to stop being an asswad.

Not to rain on your parade but. A few jokes against white people are not going to hurt anyone. So many people are NOT doing it, smart people who make posts about issues like this DO NOT tell anyone to hate cis hetero men. It is actually so much rarer than racist jokes, that you barely see it anywhere outside of tumblr. So a few people like to make white male jokes? And one person sees and gets offended about it? Wow, big deal. Totally makes white people oppressed. I know this wasnt the comic’s or other commenters intent, but that is how you’re making yourself seem. Oppressed. It’s laughable.

Because big, angry posts about little things like someone making generalisations about white peeps (note: people in power, people that get most representation, people that have most priviledge) are the butt of the generalisations’ joke: white men like to make everything about themselves. Feminist articles get comments like “what about men’s problems”, when POC try to talk about the oppression they’ve faced, white people pipe up like “but i have been discriminated against too! why are you making such a big deal out of it” (see “the bitch“‘s racism in britain video). My favourites are quotes by people who think things are better now, no racism or sexism exists anymore because women and non-white people can vote!

Jokes about white people are funny, because it makes fun of the powerful. Why would you even make this out to be a problem when these people that talk this way about white people have most likely been harrassed, oppressed, discriminated against by white people. All. Their. Lives. This isn’t a problem, you’re only making yourself seem really whiny when you try to talk about “all the shit that white people have to go through” You have more rights than anyone fucking else on this planet. I’m white. I have those priviledges. I am not discriminated against by my skincolor. Why would I be angry at a few peeps, who really have all the right to hate people of my group?

TL;DR: So someone is saying shit about a group of people who, until very, very recently, and still not all that often, are butt of the joke? Get over it.

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